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Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction - weRESEARCH

Measurement of customer satisfaction.

The satisfaction is intended as a psychological state resulting from a gap between the evaluation of consumption experience occurred and consumer expectations regarding the experience.

Satisfaction is then the result of the comparison of 2 variables:

Expectations with the customer approaches to the type of product/service.

Perceptions of product / service after the consumption / use.

Brand image & equity

Brand image & equity - weRESEARCH



Analyzes the brand – consumers relationship.

Examines the representation of the brand, definable in its functional aspects, in its intangible dimensions and in its ability to satisfy the consumer.

Occurs brand awareness, perceived quality and consumer loyalty.

Copy test (pre & post)

Copy test (pre & post) - weRESEARCH



Advertising campaigns, Press, Poster, Radio, Television, Cinema, WEB are analyzed.

Measuring the degree of comprehension, memory and credibility of the message.

Analysis of the structure, social environment context and the message market.

Verification of product image and resultant brand.